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Maria Angelella on Brand Focus

Maria Angelella on Brand Focus

This time on the RGA Brand Focus Podcast, Maria Angelella, Ph.D., Managing Partner at Dattell, talks about the new ways mortgage lenders are underwriting credit risk for borrowers with non-traditional credit histories.

Angelella, a data analytics specialist, launched the company with Barry Hatfield, a software engineer, to provide a new tool for consumer character and financial analysis that promises to give lenders more information about prospective loan borrowers than they have ever had access to before. Dattell gives mortgage loan underwriters access to information from the consumer’s online history, both social and financial, as well as location and tax information.

The company’s Repayment By Analysis (ReBA) report is a customizable assessment that returns a wealth of information about any consumer who has opted in to the credit underwriting process, including the consumer’s traditional credit scores, if available, as well as income and expense trends, web browsing history, purchase history and location information. The consistency, or inconsistency, with which a potential borrower pays monthly bills is included in the report, along with text and e-mail threads that provide information about purchases.

Datell is based in San Diego. For more information about the company, visit the website at

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